Lighting installation

Making statements for lighting places

We offer a professional service of installation of indoor and outdoor lighting, LED lighting, fluorescent lighting and night lighting.

Electrical lighting installations are an important part of home electrical installations because each room has one or more lighting fixtures, and often the lighting of one room is performed with multiple circuits. In addition to lighting fixtures that represent consumers, the lighting circuit also consists of: electrical wiring, installation switches and fuses / switches.

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In order to make it easier for us to estimate the time frame in which the works will be completed, as well as the approximate prices, please describe in more detail what kind of project it is. Some of the useful parameters are e.g. the number of lighting fixtures in the building, the number of sockets and on which walls are mounted, the number of distribution cabinets, the condition of electrical installations, whether it is installed in brick, concrete or reinforced concrete and the like.

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Types of lighting

Lighting itself has several subtypes:

  • LED lighting
  • lighting of buildings
  • general lighting that includes the area around the building or buildings
  • decorative interior and exterior lighting
  • security lighting
  • lighting of sports facilities
  • public street lighting
  • installation and assembly of illuminated advertisements and LED displays with or without the supply of components, accessories and materials