Installation of electrical installations

We perform the installation of electrical installations

We offer a professional service of installing or replacing switches and sockets, installing fans and intercoms, installing bells, smoke detectors or carbon monoxide.

Production of new electrical installations in new buildings, adaptation of old electrical installations, electrical installations for telephone, internet and antenna.

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In order to make it easier for us to estimate the time frame in which the works will be completed, as well as the approximate prices, please describe in more detail what kind of project it is. Some of the useful parameters are e.g. the number of lighting fixtures in the building, the number of sockets and on which walls are mounted, the number of distribution cabinets, the condition of electrical installations, whether it is installed in brick, concrete or reinforced concrete and the like.

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Installation of electrical installations

By electrical installations we mean those facilities that use electricity for power, lighting and other purposes, whether industrial or household.

Assembling electrical installations or changing old ones in adaptation is a job for professional electricians. Properly installed electrical installations are essential for safety. Improper handling and improper installation can lead to even major faults in electrical devices and installations and be the cause of electric shock or fire, which can lead to death. In order to minimize the possibilities for such unpleasant or even tragic situations, it is necessary to use the services of professionals. The same thing goes into the realm of cost-effectiveness. Cheaper is not always cheaper.