Electrical installations of strong and weak currents

We perform electrical installations of strong and weak currents

We offer a professional service of complete wiring of business or residential buildings, industrial electrical installations, household installations, flush-mounted and flush-mounted installations. Production of new electrical installations in new buildings, adaptation of old electrical installations, electrical installations for telephone, internet and antenna.

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In order to make it easier for us to estimate the time frame in which the works will be completed, as well as the approximate prices, please describe in more detail what kind of project it is. Some of the useful parameters are e.g. the number of lighting fixtures in the building, the number of sockets and on which walls are mounted, the number of distribution cabinets, the condition of electrical installations, whether it is installed in brick, concrete or reinforced concrete and the like.

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High current electrical installations

High current installations are intended for consumers such as heating systems, air conditioning systems, switchboards, lighting…
We plan, implement and maintain different types of high current installations:

  • lightning, equipotential bonding and earthing in residential, industrial, sports, public and commercial buildings
  • cathodic protection equipment
  • sockets, switches, installation of control cabinets and distribution cabinets
  • installations for users of different technologies and switching blocks
  • introduction of high current installations for industrial and other electrical equipment
  • installations for electrical transformer stations
  • uninterruptible power supply UPS, DEA
  • installations for power supply, heating and air conditioning systems

Low current electrical installations

Low-voltage plants are intended for consumers such as intercoms, burglary and fire protection, sensors, relays, signaling, computer networks…

  • structured cabling and installation of communication cables
  • we implement and maintain all types of low voltage installations: fire and burglary protection
  • universal wiring
  • telephone and communication lines
  • telecommunication cabinets and switchboards
  • video surveillance, intercoms, videophones
    sound system and conference systems
  • antenna systems