Electrical installation certificates

We perform certification and testing of electrical installations

We offer a professional service of testing electrical installations, measuring insulation resistance and preparing project documentation for electrical installations.

If you need to provide documentation for all completed electrical installation work or periodic inspections and tests, it should be borne in mind that all certificates and reports should include a schedule of inspections and test results. You should always use a registered contractor who will issue the correct certificate for the work done.

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In order to make it easier for us to estimate the time frame in which the works will be completed, as well as the approximate prices, please describe in more detail what kind of project it is. Some of the useful parameters are e.g. the number of lighting fixtures in the building, the number of sockets and on which walls are mounted, the number of distribution cabinets, the condition of electrical installations, whether it is installed in brick, concrete or reinforced concrete and the like.

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Electrical installation certificate

The type of certificate depends on the scope and type of work on the electrical installations, or the inspection and testing you have performed.
Electrical certificate for new installations, modifications or additions.
Electrical Installation Certificates (EIC) and Small Electrical Installation Certificates (MEIWC) provide, as the person responsible for the safety of the electrical installation, a statement that the new installation, or modification or addition, is safe to use at the time it is put into operation.
Retaining these certificates also provides a basis for further inspections and testing, as they can help save on costly investigative work that might otherwise be needed in the future. In addition, in the case of a claim that an injury or fire was caused by an electrical installation, the certificates are documentary evidence that helps show that the installation is set to a satisfactory safety standard.
The EIC will indicate whether the electrical work performed is:
New – where the entire installation is installed as new, if a complete overhaul has been performed.
Add-on – Applies if the existing installation has been modified by adding one or more new circuits.

Amendment – Applies where one or more existing circuits have been modified or extended (eg to add an outlet) or items such as a consumer unit (fuse box) and switching equipment have been replaced.
An EIC must be issued for all new electrical installations. This may also be necessary to modify or supplement the installation – depending on whether a new circuit has been installed. If an amendment has been made but does not include a new round, MEIWC or EIC may be used.